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April 2010 Meeting

Meeting Date: 
16 Apr 2010

Board Notes -- OSI-US Friday, April 16, 2010

Present: Ed Laboy, Peggy Holman, Douglas Germann, Karen Davis, Harold Shinsato, Lisa Heft, Suzanne Daigle
Absent: Phelim McDermott, Christine Whitney Sanchez
Suzanne will be taking notes for us today.
Started with silence, then check-ins.

WOSonOS in Berlin

Peggy, Lisa and Suzanne will be attending this year

Lisa will be contacting US attendees to see if anybody wants to share rides from airport etc. if schedules align. She has been working behind the scenes with the Berlin Host Team and they have very communicative with Access Queen to assure that financial support for housing, transport and suggested ideas for additional fund-raising reaches those who need assistance; there is no specific source at this time however for larger amounts of funding such as for Asker flight expenses. Many individuals are being helped through the Access Queen program

Brian Bainbridge Memorial Scholarship

Many people involved including Lisa, Larry and Viv

Lisa assisting under the umbrella of Access Queen

A recipient has been selected for the scholarship (announcement at a later date)

In future, Viv is exploring with Australia and New Zealand how to continue this scholarship;  Lisa as Access Queen is the informer, funds representative and communicator with the selected individual, as it both presents an international community face to the award plus aligns with Access Queen’s support of the recipient’s other access needs. However should this scholarship continue into future years, she can take the same roles (including being able to receive the scholarship money once it is collected) but cannot be the one who announces, invites and collects the funds specific to the scholarship - as it’s hard to do both this and the general Access Queen invitation and activities each year.

Open Space Institute membership donations

Peggy reports that $450-$475 has already come in following the contribution request  letter from Christine that went this past week on the OS list.  This money typically goes to a general use fund to support the growth and use of Open Space around the world. There may be special requests directed to particular projects i.e. Ning site, Brian Bainbridge Endowment) and this is on a case-by-case basis.

OS Institute Board Notes

Discussion and decision that in future the Board meeting notes will be posted to the OSI-US’s Word Press site rather than on the site. This is one of the action items in a series of what we will be doing to further establish OSI-US’s identity and resources on the web.

A link to prior Board meeting notes will  appear on our the wiki directing people to the Word Press site.  Harold will be setting this up so the OS board members can edit/revise notes once they are posted in the event something is missing or needs to be changed. Michael Herman had indicated he would be happy to assist us in this transition of anything we need to migrate such as this.

Ask letter from Haiti

Initial discussions regarding financial request for their Annual Open Space scheduled for June 24th-27th with an expected attendance of 30 vs 20 Haitian Open Space facilitators last year. In light of the size of the financial request, board members will continue their discussions via email in order to provide a timely response taking into consideration available funding in the account currently.

Words of intention for a successful WOSonOS

Lisa Heft will be conveying our best wishes to our friends in Berlin from all of us in the US



Potential for “strategic collaboration in open space community” (deferred until Christine is back)

Annual meeting (all)

On Line Web presence and identity

Special thank you to Tree and Gabriel (honoring them in gratitude for their dedicated contributions and work during our moment of silence at the beginning of our next meeting)


Next meeting: May 21st - 10:30 am PDT / 11:30 am MDT / 12:30 pm CDT / 1:30 pm EDT / 9:30 pm GMT

Karen will send us out a reminder with the call-in phone number a few days ahead of each meeting date.

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