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Board Proceedings December 2014

Meeting Date: 
15 Dec 2014

Meeting minutes OSI-US December 15, 2014

In attendance: Tricia, Harold, Linda, Suzanne, Karen, (Kevin butterfly)

We did a minute of silence. We did check ins.

More transparency

The annual meeting. Great getting Daniel Mezick involved so he could get more involved in the OSList. There were technical problems for the first 20 minutes. There were people from Europe. people couldn't hear Linda. After about 20 minutes she gave up. Christine Koehler spent 0.35 Euro to participate. Karen thought the annual meeting went well.

Peace & High Perf - for January

We have 2 people registered so far. I know it's going to work out. Suzanne - did you have any conversations with any of the folks that Chuni mentioned? Karen hasn't heard from them. Pittsburg contingent hopefully coming. Suzanne has a suite.

Face to Face in NYC 1/2015

Informal Sunday meeting. Formal meeting Monday January 19. Specific goals- specific measure. Chuni might have a location in NYC, but we could hold it at her parents house. 10am to 5pm. We probably will use Open Space, though we might or might not have more than one track. Karen is working on the location. Since we are in NYC - we can bring in food or go out to eat.

OS Hotline should have page on site. Harold will give Tricia the link to send to Open Space World.

Adding Daniel Mezick - what is the role of the OSI-US. It's holding space for open space. It's not like.. we've had our issues and controversies. We're not being like a mega- controlling presence. Suzanne has found it hard to find our place so we don't overstep our bounds. Like we don't hold a power role. But the flip side we're searching for our identity. I don't know if we've wrestled. Here's what we're about.

Karen - historical piece - if someone wanted to be a part of the Open Space Institute board - they only had to say so. We can do anything over the course of the year. Part of the deeper conversation for the face to face. and our goals. Karen may not be able to hook in again because she's arriving at her destination. Why has this come up? Suzanne had a chat with Harold as a sounding board. Let's give it time and space.

Kevin - transparency part - what is the board's mission, ownership and stewardship for - the types of activities making that more open seems like - that's the part we're talking about? We're not as transparent as we could be about today.

Suzanne - struggling with the word with transparency. Nothing we have to hide. The timidity. Holding space for a spoken or unspoken bound. Read about 7 or 8 years of the notes for the OSI-US notes. A lot of the conversations are similar to ours. Peggy started this a long time ago and was in that role of heading it up for quite a while. Harold and Suzanne were invited, people didn't seem to come. Don't know how it was in the past. We all agree -

Karen - I'm on stage now - in the past one of the things that often happens. The annual meetings there would be someone (WOSonOS) someone had some energy - when they were at that meeting. Make it transparent - these are how things have been operating.

Suzanne - when we had the conversation at the membership meeting - are people are holding back because of this or because of that - if they do say something it might get shot down - authority or that - struck on that for all these people coming forward - people are truly choosing.  Maybe people would not say how they feel. This is an example too of not just looking at the facts of what is being said. Being there present or holding space. Social Medial work - you can lurk on Twitter.

Suzanne - the energy is starting to bubble up. Not imposing it. Serving them - what would that look like - would the on us of responsibility lie on us.

Linda - a larger context - people may not realize that things are happening so fast. OST is about to come out of the shadows. It's going to change the consciousness of how organizations come together. It's going to fit in with the future of work. A broad overview - then asking the questions that Harold is pointing to. What do you need? Get people's interests. If they're still looking at this as the old OSList. A lot of this is being triggered. Wait a minute - what else is out there - that's great. But I was struck by Chris Cloth - haven't seen him for 20 years - of course I remember him. Get some of the old timers envigorated. Get them wanting to come to January. A context piece. Linda would help write. It's kind of - taking a stand right now. Who are the experts? List of experts are going to come out one way or another. We have as the institute to honor the integrity of the process and serve the community. Help us shape what we'll be looking at as the institute.

Suzanne - what this is inspiring in me - in an expanded way of transparency and self-leadership - when you see these people on the list - if we are asking about some of the things they are - they could be participating. People that are interested. Dan's being a spark plug on a bunch of things. There could be others that care deeply that see the shift that are happening.

Linda - Projects that are invited - for that to occur. Tricia's group - people who are newer - a lot of people on the OSList that have been around for 20-30 years. They've realized they are not going to pay the bills with OST and have done other things. There could be a wonderful invitation to them to inform the new people of what is happening. And Dan's games have brought people out of the shadows. Sharing their expertise, and stimulating conversations. There is a real chance to take a leadership role, one that is very open. I'd be happy to start with what that larger context could be stated as - and tie it into the survey monkey. Use it as a rallying call. You've been waiting for this for quite a while - we've been privy to the hotline which Tricia has pioneered. Bill Jensen's research. Not everyone understands that. But we do. But the timing couldn't be better. In doing that, we're honoring the list in a way it's an invitation. It's a way of communicating that have dropped into the shadows and are comfortable there. It's time - it's all open space anyway. There's a need for awareness here.

Suzanne - Tricia do you have any thoughts? What is Linda is describing for a bigger context. They're not all newbies. Paul Levy. They've been doing OST.

Linda - people with depth and experience are not as active. Highlight what we are excited about. To get people to NYC. To get people to the Hotline. We'll be doing the survey too. Get ways for people to contribute. People who do have passion will come forward. Maybe other ideas. In this whole process, we keep our eyes open for people we want to invite onto the board. This needs to happen yesterday.

Tricia- culture of the board - we can be- the next steps emerging . More inclusive and open. Invitational. Clarify our mission and put that out into the cosmos and see what develops. Get people interested. I'm happy to keep the line open, and see more invitations coming from the OSI board, that is emerging right now. Identifying our vision and inviting. Keep the energy flowing different manifestations of engagement.

Harold removed David O'Neill, Ed Laboy, and Phelim McDermott from the OSI-US Board email list.

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