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Board Proceedings July 2013

Meeting Date: 
12 Jul 2013

OSI-US - Board Meeting

In attendance: Suzanne, David O'Neill, Harold Shinsato, Doug Germann, Tricia Chirumbole, Karen Davis

Bin - In Progress

WOSonOS Reporting - About $330 deficit. 1020 went to Access Queen. Gave 600 to Aaron, Katie, and Marilyn. Honor the partner donors. Equivalent of $14,000. A lot of training for no fee for many people, including the money we contributed for the people from Haiti. As part of the budget - covered expenses for some people like Devon. $26,050.

Crowdvine for the sustainability. $450. SCIONS. They established a brand new scholarship for 3 young community leaders ($150 for each). Even the people did the catering, 10% reduction. And Devon offered training to 5. $1299 training cost for each. Tangible and untangible.

USFSP provided facilities and staff that were working. The Bishop Center had advanced a little over $4,000 and if we had had more people, part of the profits they would have received. These are rented facilities to the public for a certain number. Out of the budget at the end, Bishop Center thought they would have to cover $3000. It was over time. We were able to give them $1020 back.

Doug - I think you've done wonderfully here. A loss of $373 is a breakeven. For you to do that on the heels of London where they had thousands of pounds loss - you did wonderfully. You are to be congratulated for your faith and to keep pushing things through.

Suzanne - I'll echo back I never could have know how important you on the board were for this. The partnership such a sense of security. It is a heavy responsibility to manage everyone's money. You do want there to be great transparency. They truly were our partners in this. Happy for what we accomplished and the future.

We had our breakdown and breakthrough.

On Boarding New Members - Chuni - out reach to new board members about what they need. Chuni has written a list. Suzanne will follow up with her. Harold would like to get the final document and put it up on the website.

Resolution for size of Board to accommodate new members - Don't know if we've ever adopted a resolution on this. 7 people on the call. Chuni, Phelim, Ed, Sharon Joy, Linda.

Set it at a maximum of 15.

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