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June 2010

Meeting Date: 
18 Jun 2010

Present: Peggy Holman, Lisa Heft, Karen Davis
Absent: Doug Germann, Phelim McDermott, Suzanne Daigle, Harold Shinsato, Ed Laboy, Christine Whitney Sanchez
Notestaker: Lisa Heft

1) New Monthly Meeting Time

To accommodate our shifted availabilities and to include the fabulous Harold, we are going to seek a new meeting time.

Action: Peggy has sent out a new Doodle for generic / new meeting time (though you may note that ‘July’ may be used as the template for that – so please fill in as if it was generically any month at all – thanks).


Items in the ‘BIN’:

1) On Line Web presence and identity; confirm the availability of the OSI URL (Harold, Suzanne)
2) Potential for strategic collaboration in open space community (Christine)
3) Annual meeting (all)

July meeting: to be decided upon based on your responses to the ‘Doodle’ survey – thank you

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