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Open Space Board Meeting

Meeting Date: 
20 Oct 2013

Participants: Harold, Suzanne, Chuni, Linda, Karen, Jasmina, Doug, and Tricia

Check – in

Bin Gardening (choosing items to discuss)– Harold

Discussion Topics:

  • Post-WOSonOS 2013 Reporting  - Harold informs us that everything seems complete except:

-   Just missing money from USFSP + 1 outstanding payment for training/participant fee from Serbia (seems it’s been a banking glitch)

-   Action:  Suzanne to contact USF SP and Jasmina to sort out the issue with the University of Belgrade

  •  Practice of Peace books – Linda reports that a few boxes have been sold; we will continue until the end of the year. It is suggested that we advertise this on the Open Space Linked-in, Ning and Facebook. The cost is a little higher than expected but we are still making a few dollars. 1 box was sent overseas.  

    Action:  Harold will handle the social media above

  • On-Board new Members – Chuni updated the Word document that she initially prepared. She is having one on one conversations with Board members and is finding it very helpful.  Harold would like to see a link that looks like a Wiki page to send to new members. Tricia comments that what Chuni has put together is very helpful.  Harold mentions that for on-boarding we should continue in the spirit of Open Space with a very light-weight process.-  

    Action: Chuni will continue her one-on-one discussions with Board members

  • Harold creates an Obsolete Lane on Trello for items where there has been no action for a long time.
  • Meeting of the Institutes – Harold and Karen indicate they will work together with the idea of having a November meeting. Chuni asks about if there will be an opportunity for translation to accommodate those who speak different languages. A suggestion is made that participants could have the opportunity to participate in Spanish as we are increasingly seeing members and groups from South America and Mexico in addition to Spain.
  • Harold is cleaning up the membership list
  • A resolution is created regarding by-laws around our board membership. We agree to modify the language to say that the Board should have a minimum of 5 members; no maximum will be specified. All agree. Quorum vote achieved.
  • Clean-up of Wikipedia – Harold has done a lot of work and was able to get rid of many warnings. There is some discussion by the group about the challenges of writing language that fits within the parameters of Wikipedia based on whether people view Open Space as a process or a philosophy. Harold mentions that the Wikipedia Scrum is a good model to follow if we want to further appears in the Open Space Technology Wikipedia. We have a lengthy discussion about the various interpretations and that to really capture in language the full essence of self-organizing of Open Space for example, could take a few years.
  • Jasmina mentions that on the Open page the dates for WOSonOS in Serbia are not accurate

    Action: Jasmina to contact Michael Herman by email to have this corrected.

  • Next meeting: Scheduled for November 18, 2013

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